Veneers European Spruce

European Spruce Picea Abies

Picea Abies, Fichte, Rotfichte, Epicéa Commun, Vuren, Abete Rosso, Wanlig Gran, Alilante, Gemeine Fichte, European Spruce, LUCFENYŐ, Swierk, Смърч, Smreka, smrk, Molid invechit, Smrek, Smrca, 云杉, Сосна, pícea
European Spruce
Available Logs
Max Log Area
1,075 m²
Available Logs
0.80 mm (117)
2.50 mm (21)
1.40 mm (31)
0.65 mm (15)
Min Width
8 cm
Min Length
70 cm
Max Width
55 cm
Max Length
520 cm

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