Pine Pinus Sylvestris

Kiefer, Pinus Sylvestris, Weißkiefer, Sandkiefer, Pin Commun, Ponderosa Pine, Pin Silvestre, Europees Grenen, Pinie, Pine, GÖCSÖS BOROVI FENYŐ, Sosna pospolita, Бор, Bor, borovice, Pin, Borovica, Bor Karolina, 松木, Сосна, pino
Available Logs
Max Log Area
1,215 m²
Available Logs
0.65 mm (242)
1.40 mm (35)
2.50 mm (70)
0.80 mm (14)
Min Width
8 cm
Min Length
45 cm
Max Width
90 cm
Max Length
475 cm

Top 3 Veneers

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